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zoysia grass plugs

zoysia grass plugs

Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysiagrass lawns are most successfully started with zoysia grass plugs (small chunks of sod). Zoysiagrass can also be started through seeding, but the varieties that are currently available don’t have the same quality in texture, growth, color and hardiness of the grass plugs.

The best time to place your plugs in your lawn is in the late spring and early summer. Those who plant late in the summer (August), will find that there is not enough time for the zoysia grass to take hold and may not survive the winter. So plant your plugs between late March through to the end of June.

Zoysia grass plugs are quite small, about 1 to 2 inches wide with 2 to 3 inches of soil and roots. It is easy to figure the number of plugs that you will need for your lawn. You will need 1 plug for every square foot you want covered. If you are looking at an area of 10 feet by 10 feet (which is 100 square feet), then you will need 100 plugs. The original zoysia grass is the Amazoy Zoysia Grass.

Many people want their lawn to fill in quicker and if that is something you would like, then plant a plug every 6 inches (which would double the number of plugs you will need).

So….zoysia grass florida zoysia grass plugs

The number of plugs you will need for 1,000 square feet are:

  • Plug spacing of 6 inches apart: 4,000 plugs
  • Plug spacing of 8 inches apart: 2,250 plugs
  • Plug spacing of 12 inches apart: 1,000 plugs

You can buy a tool from the grower called a “plugger” that is specially designed to remove the right amount of soil from the ground and create a small hole for your zoysia grass plugs that you are planting.

Once you place your order, you should receive your plugs within a few days. You should plant the plugs in your lawn shortly after you receive them. Once you have planted the zoysia grass plugs you will need to keep them moist for the first two to three weeks in order to prevent the roots from drying out.

You should expect two complete growing seasons to have complete coverage of your lawn.

This video provides a great demo of how to plant your zoysia plugs. It shows you how easy it is to put holes in the ground and pop in the plugs. You will need to water for 10 minutes a day for a few weeks so that the roots can take hold and then you need to sit back and relax while your grass spreads.



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Amazoy Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass Plugs Do They Work?

best zoysia grass plugs - questions and answers

The growers of zoysia grass plugs make big claims about their products, but it is true?

Do Zoysia grass plugs really work?

Is zoysia grass really low maintenance, slow growing, and require very little watering?  Can it really grow in shady areas or sandy areas?

Below are some of the common questions asked about zoysia grass along with the researched answers.

My Zoysia Q&A

Why all the Fuss about Zoysia-  Is it Really that Great?

Well yeah, it really does have great features.  Such as….

  1. Requires Less Watering – if you live in an area with restricted water usage or just want to reduce your water bill, you will be happy with this grass.  Once the zoysia has taken root (about three weeks after planting), then you need to water it very little.  This is because the root system goes quite deep and doesn’t dry out.
  2. Thrives in Difficult Soil Conditions – This grass will grow in salty conditions, sandy soil, or even clay conditions.
  3. Grows in Full Sun or in the Shade – This grass thrives in the heat and can take the full out sun.  In addition, this grass will grown in shady areas – not complete shade though.  It does require a few hours of sun light each day.
  4. Hot Climates – this grass grows well in the blistering heat and surprizingly, does not die in cold winters.  The grass goes dormant in the winter (turns brown), but once spring hits, the lush green color comes back.
  5. Way Less Maintenance – as mentioned earlier, it requires significantly less water.  There is also way less mowing to be done.  Because the grass spreads instead of growing up, there is less mowing (about once a month or less).

Which is Better – Zoysia Grass Plugs or Seeds?

So…if you are going to plant zoysia grass in your yard, which should you use – the plugs or the seeds.  Well, seeds are less expensive to buy, but are more work and riskier to take root.  With the seeds, you will need to prepare the ground carefully (clear ALL debris, add a good layer of new soil, etc).  The biggest challenge is if the seeds don’t germinate, you will need to wait a whole year before you can plant again.  If you want to use seeds, this is the best brand.  (but keep reading to check out the plugs)

Zoysia plugs on the other hand do cost a bit more, but they already have roots so germination is not a problem and you will not need to prepare the ground as these plugs will slowly grow to cover any debris, roots, etc.  You success rate is high and the work to plant the plugs is much less than going with seeds.  Most companies will guarantee their plugs too.  This is the best company that I have found.

This video talks about some of the challenges with zoysia grass seed.

What do Zoysia Plugs look like?

Zoysia grass resembles Kentucky bluegrass as far as texture and appearance. Each plug is a piece of Zoysia sod that measures 1″ square, totaling 4″ of perimeter area for maximum runner growth.

How are plugs shipped?

man unpacking and displaying a piece of sod with 150 plugs

The plugs are shipped in 10″ x 15″ pieces of sod. Each piece of sod is a grid of 150 plugs, but to ensure maximum freshness and viability, the sod is not cut all the way through. Before planting, finish the separation with shears. Plugs are shipped the same day they are packed with a moisture-proof lining so the roots reach you fresh, vigorous and ready to grow.

How long will the plugs last before planting?

Zoysia plugs are living plants, therefore, we recommend planting them as soon as possible. If the plugs cannot be planted upon receipt, remove them from the cartons, placing blade side up in an area that receives some sunlight (not direct sun). Mist the plugs with water and keep them moist until planting. Plugs must be planted within 2 weeks of receipt.

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How Does Zoysia Grass Grow?

Zoysia slowly spreads across your yard.  It grows out instead of growing up and that is one of the main reasons why you will only need to mow your lawn a third as much as you have done in the past.  The “tenticles” of the roots spread to cover your lawn. best zoysia grass reviews


What is it going to Cost to Plant Zoysia – Are there Discounts out there?

Currently, there is a 50% discount offer available on zoysia grass plugs through this reputable grower – click here.



Best Zoysia for Shade – Shade Tolerant Zoysia Grass Reviews


If you have a shady area in your yard, you are probably looking for shade tolerant zoysia grass to plant in that area.

Although zoysia is good for shady areas, all grasses do need some sunlight during the day in order to grow.  The amount of light required would be approximately 4 hours of direct sunlight (or 8 hours of indirect sunliight).

One of the best zoysia grasses on the market is Amazoy which is derived from the original Meyer strain of zoysia grass.   Meyer requires partial shade in order for it to take root, grow and become the green grass that you are looking for.  An example of partial shade would be 4 hours of direct sunshine during the day (between sun rise and sun set), or 8 hours of light coming through other foliage (branches of trees, etc).

With these conditions, your zoysia grass will grow in your shaded area.  No grass will grow in heavy shade.

Not only do you need to take into consideration the amount of shade, but you also need to take a look at the quality of zoysia that you plan and if you are planting zoysia grass plugs or seeds.

The zoysia seeds require a LOT of preparation before planting and need a LOT of care an maintenance during the first 4 weeks of germination.  If the seeds don’t take, you will need to wait a year until the next planting season.  Due to the amount of work and unpredictable outcome, it is much wiser to plant zoysia grass plugs.

Zoysia plugs are easy to plant and maintain.  A good producer will also guarantee their plugs to grow.  You simply order the plugs online, water the plugs when you receive them, then plant them 6 inches apart.  You will need to water for two weeks to allow the plugs to take hold, then you are good to go!


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Best Lawn Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass

If you have already planted zoysia grass in your yard, or if you are thinking of planting zoysia grass, then you need to ensure that you buy the best lawn fertilizer for zoysia grass.

Ordinary fertilizers can burn and damage a zoysia lawn.


Zoysia fertilizer is available from this reputable dealer. Click Here.

Zoysia Grass Plugs Reviews 2017

The use of zoysia grass plugs has grown in popularity due to the fact that once rooted, the grass requires very little maintenance.

This site will take a look at why you should be using quality grass plugs over seeds as well as the benefits of zoysia grass for your yard.

If you want a low mow, low water, low maintenance green grass, you should seriously consider planing zoysia grass.

What we are going to look at:
* why zoysia grass plugs and not zoysia seeds
* learn how simple they are to plant
* initial watering requirements
* what is the best fertilizer – understanding when to use it and how little to use
* once rooted, what little water, fertilizer and mowing is required.
* where to buy quality zoysia grass plugs will guarantee to grow for you

Why Zoysia Grass Plugs and Not Zoysia Grass Seeds

From my perspective, using zoysia grass plugs is a more effective and cost saving way to start your zoysia lawn. Though buying a bag of zoysia grass seeds is not all that expensive, there is a huge amount of preparation, additional soil to purchase and weeks of work to get the seeds to germinate and take hold.

If the seeds don’t take, you will have to wait a year until you can try to seed again.

With the seeds, you must completely clear the yard of all roots, stones and poor soil. Once that is done, you will need to put down a thick layer of quality top soil. Then seed, then more top soil, then water every day for the next two weeks and hope that the seeds germinate.

With the plugs, if you buy them from a quality nursery, you will have a better success of germination.

Simply order the plugs online. They will be shipped to you the same day that they are harvested. No old, dry plugs – ever.

How to Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysia grass plugs are very easy to plant. You can either purchase a “plugger” or use a large bit on a drill.

I got the plugger. I found that it was easier to use when the ground was dry. It was easier because I could push the plugger down faster and the plugs didn’t get stuck. Minor thing, I know, but it was just easier

This video describes what to do when you receive your plugs all the way through to water maintenance for the first two weeks.

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Zoysia Grass Fertilizer – Not You Regular Fertilizer

Although this fertilizer can be used for all of your other plants, the reason that it works so well with zoysia grass is that it is 100% water soluable. Only use fertilizer designed for zoysia grass. Other fertilizers can turn your zoysia brown.

“…used the Nutri-20 on the new plugs in order to give them a better start. This was three weeks ago. These plugs have now begun to show some new green shoots..”

I just want to mention that you will only need to fertilize once a year (in the spring) and not much fertilizer is required.

“…I used the Nutri-20 on the new plugs in order to give them a better start. This was three weeks ago. These plugs have now begun to show some new green shoots”

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Where to Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs

Quality zoysia grass plugs do are not expensive to buy. The number of plugs required will depend on how quickly you want the grass to grow in. If you don’t mind waiting a full season, then buy fewer plugs. If you want your grass to fill in quicker so that you can enjoy your lawn sooner, then you should buy enough to plant every six inches.

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Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass 2017

zoysia grass plugs fertilizer nutri 20

zoysia grass plugs fertilizer nutri 20

Special Fertilizer is Required for Zoysia Grass

If people are having trouble keeping their zoysia grass green, it is usually because they over fertilize the grass or because they are using the wrong type of fertilizer for zoysia grass.

In the winter season of some areas of the country, zoysia can turn brown.  It’s not dead, it is just dormant from the winter.  The beautiful green grass will come back, you just have to wait until the weather turns a bit warmer.  Once the zoysia grass comes back, you need to wait until the lawn is at lease 90% green before you fertilize the zoysia.

When fertilizing, make sure that you only use fertilizer specifically designed for zoysia grass!

The recommended time to fertlize is late May or early June as this is the time when the grass is actively growing .  One application in the year is enough to give you a luxurious and green lawn.  Do not put granular fertilizer or ordinary ferlizer on zoysia as those fertlizers will burn your lawn.

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You might also be interested in our article on the best price on zoysia grass plugs on the market today. Or where to get buy 1 get 1 free zoysia grass plugs sale.

Zoysia Grass in Shade

does zoysia grass grow in the shade

does zoysia grass grow in the shade

Many reasons why people plant zoysia grass it so that they have a lawn that grows in the shaded areas of the yard.  But it doesn’t grow as quickly in the shade and in some cases, it may die.  Why is that?

Although shade tolerant (and more tolerant than many other grasses), zoysia grass still does require some sunlight.  If expected to survive, most zoysia will need a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine and some types require up to 8 hours of sunlight.

Meyer zoysia grass (based on the original zoysia) grows well in partial shade.  So what does  partial shade mean?  It will survive (and thrive) with filtered sunlight – light coming though tree branches, etc for eight hours in the day.  It will also do well if it has only 4 hours of direct light between morning and night.

Grasses like Bermudagrass requires full sunshine all of the time and will not grow in the shade.  No zoysia grass will grow in complete shade with no light hitting it what-so-ever.

Meyer zoysia grass is planted in the “plug” form – not with seeds.  Seeds require a lot of work to prepare the soil, to water and maintain and is more difficult to germinate.  The plugs take root much quicker, are easy to plant and usually have a guarantee to grow.

Meyer zoysia grass plugs can be purchased through a reputable farm – click here.

How to Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs and How Many Do You Need?

If you have decided to plant Zoysia grass in your yard, you have made a good decision!  Now we will go through how to plant zoysia grass plugs, what initial maintenance you will need to do, then what on-going maintenance you’ll have (very little, hint, hint), then we’ll go through the best place to buy quality zoysia plugs so that you can have a wonderful green lawn.

First, we’ll go through how you plant your zoysia plugs, then we’ll go over the maintenance, then we’ll direct you to the site where you can order quality zoysia grass plugs.  So let’s get started!

How to Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs

When you receive your fresh zoysia plugs, you will receive them as a “sheet” of plugs (like that shown in the picture).

Before you cut or tear off the plugs, you should lightly water or dampen the plugs.  Simply place the sheet dirt side up and give it a bit of water.  This will help the root base hold together for cutting.




The plugs should be cut in one inch squares using share scissors or shears.




The plugs can be planted in a couple of ways:

You can either use a step-on plugger or a power auger.  The plugger and auger bit can be purchased when you purchase your zoysia plugs.  The step-on plugger is best on soft soils where the auger is better for clay or stone soils.

The plugs should be planted 6 inches or 12 inches apart.  The closer you plant the plugs together, the faster your lawn will fill in and the soon you will have a beautiful green lawn.  Once you have placed the plug in the ground, fill in the dirt around the plug and press it firmly down (it would be a good idea to step on it to push it down).

After your plugs are planted, you should water and fertilizer your lawn to help the roots take hold.  You can read about zoysia grass fertilizer over here.  There is a special fertilizer for zoysia grass, so I would recommed you pick up some when you order your plugs.

After you have installed your zoysia plugs you should give it a good water, then water it every day for 15 minutes for the next 21 days. After that, the plugs will be well enough established to grow on their own.

Mowing – your lawn mower should be put on the highest setting for the first month.

Over time, the plugs will spead and fill out to give you a beautiful green lawn.

So How Many Zoysia Plugs Do I Need?

You will need 1 plug for every foot.  So for a 10 x 10 area (1,000 square feet), you will need 100 plugs.

So your next question will be…

Where to Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs?  The BEST place is through Zoysia Farms.  They are very good at letting you know the best time to plant your plugs and the timing really depends on where you live and how warm your climate is.  If you live in Florida, you can pretty much plant at any time.  Once you go further north, you want to ensure that isn’t a potential for frost.

Here is a video from Zoysia Farms on how to plant zoysia grass plugs.

Click here for the Zoysia Farms website








Amazoy Zoysia Grass | The Original, The Best and Guaranteed

Amazoy Zoysia Grass

zoysia grass florida

Amazoy zoysia grass is from the original zoysia grass was originally brought into the United States from Korea. The original strain of grass was called Meyer Z-52. It was Frank Meyer (a US Department of Agriculture plant explorer) who found it while in Korea in 1906. Over the decades, many private companies tried to perfect the plant, but none of the variations has met the high standard of the original zoysia from Korea.

The Amazoy zoysia grass is the original Meyer Z-52 strain. Amazoy is harvested by Zoysia Farm Nurseries and it was the founder of the company, Herbert Friedber who recognized zoysias potential for the home owner to have a beautiful green lawn with little watering and maintenance. Being a wise businessman, Frieder built his business around providing “live” zoysia grass plugs through mail order (now on-line ordering). With a full replacement guarantee if the product does not grow on your lawn, their business is constantly growing!

» Read more

Zoysia Grass Fertilizer

Do you need a zoysia grass fertilizer?

Although zoysia grass is very hearty and can grow in any soil conditions, it is recommended to add zoysia grass fertilizer to your newly planted plugs.

But not just any fertilizer! Ordinary fertilizers can damage and burn your zoysia grass, so it is best that you use a fertilizer that is specially made for zoysia grass. » Read more

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