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Amazoy Zoysia Grass

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Amazoy zoysia grass is from the original zoysia grass was originally brought into the United States from Korea. The original strain of grass was called Meyer Z-52. It was Frank Meyer (a US Department of Agriculture plant explorer) who found it while in Korea in 1906. Over the decades, many private companies tried to perfect the plant, but none of the variations has met the high standard of the original zoysia from Korea.

The Amazoy zoysia grass is the original Meyer Z-52 strain. Amazoy is harvested by Zoysia Farm Nurseries and it was the founder of the company, Herbert Friedber who recognized zoysias potential for the home owner to have a beautiful green lawn with little watering and maintenance. Being a wise businessman, Frieder built his business around providing “live” zoysia grass plugs through mail order (now on-line ordering). With a full replacement guarantee if the product does not grow on your lawn, their business is constantly growing!

How Does Zoysia Grass Work?

Zoysia growth is done by sending out “shoots” or “stolons” (as the pros calls them). These stolons spread out to cover your yard with a lush green lawn. The roots grow very deeply in the soil and this helps it survive in unfavourable conditions.

This is not a tall growing grass, so you will not need to mow your lawn nearly as often as traditional grasses.  When planting zoysia plugs, you need to plant them six inches apart and they will spread out to fill in your grass.

One of the nice benefits of the Amazoy grass plugs, is that once you plant it, you will not need to reseed or touch up like you do with other grasses.

So What Are the Benefits of Amazoy Grass Plugs?amazoy zoysia grass

Reduces the amount of watering significantly (you will need to water it once you have planted it so that the roots can take effect, after that, you’re good to go).

  • Very low maintenance (no watering, reduces mowing, no pesticides required)
  • It is drought resistant
  • Replaces weeds and crabgrass
  • Never needs replacing

Where is the Best Place to Buy Zoysia Grass?

By far, the best place to buy zoysia grasses with directly from zoysia farm nurseries. For example, the Amazoy zoysia grass is harvested daily and couriered out directly to the home owner. Talk about customer service! The best planting season would be the spring and the summer.

There are a number of zoysiagrass species. Joysia Japonica, zoysia materlla, zoysia tenuifolia, empire zoysia grass (or empire turf) and emerald zoyisgrass. The best on the market though, is Amazoy zoysia grass plugs.

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