Best Zoysia for Shade – Shade Tolerant Zoysia Grass Reviews


If you have a shady area in your yard, you are probably looking for shade tolerant zoysia grass to plant in that area.

Although zoysia is good for shady areas, all grasses do need some sunlight during the day in order to grow.  The amount of light required would be approximately 4 hours of direct sunlight (or 8 hours of indirect sunliight).

One of the best zoysia grasses on the market is Amazoy which is derived from the original Meyer strain of zoysia grass.   Meyer requires partial shade in order for it to take root, grow and become the green grass that you are looking for.  An example of partial shade would be 4 hours of direct sunshine during the day (between sun rise and sun set), or 8 hours of light coming through other foliage (branches of trees, etc).

With these conditions, your zoysia grass will grow in your shaded area.  No grass will grow in heavy shade.

Not only do you need to take into consideration the amount of shade, but you also need to take a look at the quality of zoysia that you plan and if you are planting zoysia grass plugs or seeds.

The zoysia seeds require a LOT of preparation before planting and need a LOT of care an maintenance during the first 4 weeks of germination.  If the seeds don’t take, you will need to wait a year until the next planting season.  Due to the amount of work and unpredictable outcome, it is much wiser to plant zoysia grass plugs.

Zoysia plugs are easy to plant and maintain.  A good producer will also guarantee their plugs to grow.  You simply order the plugs online, water the plugs when you receive them, then plant them 6 inches apart.  You will need to water for two weeks to allow the plugs to take hold, then you are good to go!


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