Zoysia Grass Plugs Reviews 2017

The use of zoysia grass plugs has grown in popularity due to the fact that once rooted, the grass requires very little maintenance.

This site will take a look at why you should be using quality grass plugs over seeds as well as the benefits of zoysia grass for your yard.

If you want a low mow, low water, low maintenance green grass, you should seriously consider planing zoysia grass.

What we are going to look at:
* why zoysia grass plugs and not zoysia seeds
* learn how simple they are to plant
* initial watering requirements
* what is the best fertilizer – understanding when to use it and how little to use
* once rooted, what little water, fertilizer and mowing is required.
* where to buy quality zoysia grass plugs th.at will guarantee to grow for you

Why Zoysia Grass Plugs and Not Zoysia Grass Seeds

From my perspective, using zoysia grass plugs is a more effective and cost saving way to start your zoysia lawn. Though buying a bag of zoysia grass seeds is not all that expensive, there is a huge amount of preparation, additional soil to purchase and weeks of work to get the seeds to germinate and take hold.

If the seeds don’t take, you will have to wait a year until you can try to seed again.

With the seeds, you must completely clear the yard of all roots, stones and poor soil. Once that is done, you will need to put down a thick layer of quality top soil. Then seed, then more top soil, then water every day for the next two weeks and hope that the seeds germinate.

With the plugs, if you buy them from a quality nursery, you will have a better success of germination.

Simply order the plugs online. They will be shipped to you the same day that they are harvested. No old, dry plugs – ever.

How to Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysia grass plugs are very easy to plant. You can either purchase a “plugger” or use a large bit on a drill.

I got the plugger. I found that it was easier to use when the ground was dry. It was easier because I could push the plugger down faster and the plugs didn’t get stuck. Minor thing, I know, but it was just easier

This video describes what to do when you receive your plugs all the way through to water maintenance for the first two weeks.

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Zoysia Grass Fertilizer – Not You Regular Fertilizer

Although this fertilizer can be used for all of your other plants, the reason that it works so well with zoysia grass is that it is 100% water soluable. Only use fertilizer designed for zoysia grass. Other fertilizers can turn your zoysia brown.

“…used the Nutri-20 on the new plugs in order to give them a better start. This was three weeks ago. These plugs have now begun to show some new green shoots..”

I just want to mention that you will only need to fertilize once a year (in the spring) and not much fertilizer is required.

“…I used the Nutri-20 on the new plugs in order to give them a better start. This was three weeks ago. These plugs have now begun to show some new green shoots”

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Where to Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs

Quality zoysia grass plugs do are not expensive to buy. The number of plugs required will depend on how quickly you want the grass to grow in. If you don’t mind waiting a full season, then buy fewer plugs. If you want your grass to fill in quicker so that you can enjoy your lawn sooner, then you should buy enough to plant every six inches.

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