Buy 1 Get 1 Free Zoysia Grass Plugs Sale for 2017

Everyone loves a discount and if you can get free zoysia grass plugs, then now is the time to take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer!

Simply put, it cuts your cost in half.

Zoysia plugs will produce a green lawn waaaay faster than using zoysia seeds and when you purchase your plugs for a high quality zoysia farmer, they will guarantee your plugs will take root and grow or they will replace your plugs for you at no charge.

Free zoysia grass plugs - sale

How many plugs to you need?

We suggest you plant a minimum of one 1″ plug per square foot. Multiply the length times the width of the area to be planted to find the total square footage.

You may reduce the time it takes for the zoysia to fill in by planting the 1″ square plugs closer together. You can also cut the plugs larger for faster fill in. Planting the plugs every 6″ requires 2 plugs per square foot of desired coverage. (Multiply your square footage by 2.)

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Free Zoysia Grass Plugs