Buy Zoysia Plugs Online – Sale and Discounts for 2017

Get high quality fresh lawn plugs when you buy zoysia plugs online.  The plugs are harvested the same day that they are shipped (not sitting around for days at a retail store).

Buy Zoysia Plugs Online

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When you order online, your plugs will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a box.  They will have been harvested fresh, wrapped to keep the moisture in, then packaged in and box and shipped direct to you.

When you receive the plugs, here is how you plant them….

  1. The first thing you do is water the plugs
  2. They will arrive in a “sheet” of plugs  – you have the option to purchase 1″ or 3″ plugs.  Cut them apart with shears along the score marks
  3. Use a plugger or a drill auger to create holes in your lawn.
  4. Place the zoysia plug in the hole.
  5. Fill in the dirt around the plug.
  6. Once you have planted all of your plugs, you will need to water and fertilize during the “rooting” period.

Buy Zoysia Plugs Online

You do not need to prepare the soil in advance (with planting seeds you have A LOT to prepare).  Your zoysia plugs will spread over uneven ground.

Buy Zoysia Plugs Online

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