Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass 2017

zoysia grass plugs fertilizer nutri 20

zoysia grass plugs fertilizer nutri 20

Special Fertilizer is Required for Zoysia Grass

If people are having trouble keeping their zoysia grass green, it is usually because they over fertilize the grass or because they are using the wrong type of fertilizer for zoysia grass.

In the winter season of some areas of the country, zoysia can turn brown.  It’s not dead, it is just dormant from the winter.  The beautiful green grass will come back, you just have to wait until the weather turns a bit warmer.  Once the zoysia grass comes back, you need to wait until the lawn is at lease 90% green before you fertilize the zoysia.

When fertilizing, make sure that you only use fertilizer specifically designed for zoysia grass!

The recommended time to fertlize is late May or early June as this is the time when the grass is actively growing .  One application in the year is enough to give you a luxurious and green lawn.  Do not put granular fertilizer or ordinary ferlizer on zoysia as those fertlizers will burn your lawn.

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