How to Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs and How Many Do You Need?

If you have decided to plant Zoysia grass in your yard, you have made a good decision!  Now we will go through how to plant zoysia grass plugs, what initial maintenance you will need to do, then what on-going maintenance you’ll have (very little, hint, hint), then we’ll go through the best place to buy quality zoysia plugs so that you can have a wonderful green lawn.

First, we’ll go through how you plant your zoysia plugs, then we’ll go over the maintenance, then we’ll direct you to the site where you can order quality zoysia grass plugs.  So let’s get started!

How to Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs

When you receive your fresh zoysia plugs, you will receive them as a “sheet” of plugs (like that shown in the picture).

Before you cut or tear off the plugs, you should lightly water or dampen the plugs.  Simply place the sheet dirt side up and give it a bit of water.  This will help the root base hold together for cutting.




The plugs should be cut in one inch squares using share scissors or shears.




The plugs can be planted in a couple of ways:

You can either use a step-on plugger or a power auger.  The plugger and auger bit can be purchased when you purchase your zoysia plugs.  The step-on plugger is best on soft soils where the auger is better for clay or stone soils.

The plugs should be planted 6 inches or 12 inches apart.  The closer you plant the plugs together, the faster your lawn will fill in and the soon you will have a beautiful green lawn.  Once you have placed the plug in the ground, fill in the dirt around the plug and press it firmly down (it would be a good idea to step on it to push it down).

After your plugs are planted, you should water and fertilizer your lawn to help the roots take hold.  You can read about zoysia grass fertilizer over here.  There is a special fertilizer for zoysia grass, so I would recommed you pick up some when you order your plugs.

After you have installed your zoysia plugs you should give it a good water, then water it every day for 15 minutes for the next 21 days. After that, the plugs will be well enough established to grow on their own.

Mowing – your lawn mower should be put on the highest setting for the first month.

Over time, the plugs will spead and fill out to give you a beautiful green lawn.

So How Many Zoysia Plugs Do I Need?

You will need 1 plug for every foot.  So for a 10 x 10 area (1,000 square feet), you will need 100 plugs.

So your next question will be…

Where to Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs?  The BEST place is through Zoysia Farms.  They are very good at letting you know the best time to plant your plugs and the timing really depends on where you live and how warm your climate is.  If you live in Florida, you can pretty much plant at any time.  Once you go further north, you want to ensure that isn’t a potential for frost.

Here is a video from Zoysia Farms on how to plant zoysia grass plugs.

Click here for the Zoysia Farms website