Zoysia Grass in Shade

does zoysia grass grow in the shade

does zoysia grass grow in the shade

Many reasons why people plant zoysia grass it so that they have a lawn that grows in the shaded areas of the yard.  But it doesn’t grow as quickly in the shade and in some cases, it may die.  Why is that?

Although shade tolerant (and more tolerant than many other grasses), zoysia grass still does require some sunlight.  If expected to survive, most zoysia will need a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine and some types require up to 8 hours of sunlight.

Meyer zoysia grass (based on the original zoysia) grows well in partial shade.  So what does  partial shade mean?  It will survive (and thrive) with filtered sunlight – light coming though tree branches, etc for eight hours in the day.  It will also do well if it has only 4 hours of direct light between morning and night.

Grasses like Bermudagrass requires full sunshine all of the time and will not grow in the shade.  No zoysia grass will grow in complete shade with no light hitting it what-so-ever.

Meyer zoysia grass is planted in the “plug” form – not with seeds.  Seeds require a lot of work to prepare the soil, to water and maintain and is more difficult to germinate.  The plugs take root much quicker, are easy to plant and usually have a guarantee to grow.

Meyer zoysia grass plugs can be purchased through a reputable farm – click here.