Do Zoysia Grass Plugs Really Work? Guide and Review for 2017

You have probably heard about zoysia grass and are asking the question question ….do zoysia grass plugs really work for difficult to growing situations?

We’ve done a lot of research and really looked hard at what makes zoysia grass different than other grasses and what makes the plugs different than the zoysia seeds.

Do zoysia grass plugs really work?

The farms that grow zoysia grass plugs say that the original meyer zoysia can grow in almost any soil condition such as ..

* sandy soil
* salty soil
* shady areas

And it does, but here through our research we found that you really need to know what you are buying.

What you want is the original strain of Meyer zoysia grass and, we discovered that your chance of a successful lawn is significantly greater using plugs instead of seeds (more on that down below).

But first…

What are the Benefits of Zoysia Grass

As mentioned above, zoysia grass thrives in difficult growing situations where other grasses simply cannot.

Zoysia requires less watering, so if you are in a water restricted area or drought prone area, then this is the grass for you.  This grass required 1/4 of the water of traditional grasses.

Grows in the sun or in the shade.  it can withstand the hot sun or survive in shady areas.  Just to clarify, it does need some sunlight so it can’t be complete shade.

Zoysia grass spread and because it spreads it is slow to grow up, therefore it requires less mowing so you will only need to mow you lawn once a month or so.


Zoysia Grass Plugs vs Zoysia Seeds

Do Zoysia Grass Plugs Really Work

Historically speaking, it has been much harder to grow zoysia grass from seed because so many of the seeds simply do not germinate. And if your seeds don’t germinate, then you will have to wait for next year to go through the seeding process all over again to see what will take.

Zoysia plugs on the other hand are very easy to plant (no soil preparation like you have to do with the seeds), easy to take root, and you will have a green lawn in a much quicker time frame.

Buy your zoysia grass plugs from a reputable supplier.  We recommend Zoysia Farms – here is their official link => Zoysia Farms

They guarantee their plugs will grow or they will replace them free of charge.


Do Zoysia Grass Plugs Really Work