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zoysia grass plugs

zoysia grass plugs

Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysiagrass lawns are most successfully started with zoysia grass plugs (small chunks of sod). Zoysiagrass can also be started through seeding, but the varieties that are currently available don’t have the same quality in texture, growth, color and hardiness of the grass plugs.

The best time to place your plugs in your lawn is in the late spring and early summer. Those who plant late in the summer (August), will find that there is not enough time for the zoysia grass to take hold and may not survive the winter. So plant your plugs between late March through to the end of June.

Zoysia grass plugs are quite small, about 1 to 2 inches wide with 2 to 3 inches of soil and roots. It is easy to figure the number of plugs that you will need for your lawn. You will need 1 plug for every square foot you want covered. If you are looking at an area of 10 feet by 10 feet (which is 100 square feet), then you will need 100 plugs. The original zoysia grass is the Amazoy Zoysia Grass.

Many people want their lawn to fill in quicker and if that is something you would like, then plant a plug every 6 inches (which would double the number of plugs you will need).

So….zoysia grass florida zoysia grass plugs

The number of plugs you will need for 1,000 square feet are:

  • Plug spacing of 6 inches apart: 4,000 plugs
  • Plug spacing of 8 inches apart: 2,250 plugs
  • Plug spacing of 12 inches apart: 1,000 plugs

You can buy a tool from the grower called a “plugger” that is specially designed to remove the right amount of soil from the ground and create a small hole for your zoysia grass plugs that you are planting.

Once you place your order, you should receive your plugs within a few days. You should plant the plugs in your lawn shortly after you receive them. Once you have planted the zoysia grass plugs you will need to keep them moist for the first two to three weeks in order to prevent the roots from drying out.

You should expect two complete growing seasons to have complete coverage of your lawn.

This video provides a great demo of how to plant your zoysia plugs. It shows you how easy it is to put holes in the ground and pop in the plugs. You will need to water for 10 minutes a day for a few weeks so that the roots can take hold and then you need to sit back and relax while your grass spreads.



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