Backyard Zoysia seeding project. Part 1

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I spend so much time in my front yard and not near enough time in my backyard. My backyard is mostly trees but I do have a couple small sections that get decent sunlight. I got some zoysia sun and shade seed that I am going to try and get to grow

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Products I use

Honda Self Propelled Mower

Carbon X

Yard Mastery Bio Char Soil Amendment

Yard Mastery Summer Stress Blend

Yard Mastery X Grn

Lawnstar Soil Aerator

Simple Solutions
Humic & Fulvic Acid

Lawnstar Liquid Iron

Bio Advanced Fungucide

Scott’s Disease Ex


Cutter Bug Control

Scott’s Grub X


X Grn 8-1-8


Spectracide Pre Emergent

Round Up Pump Sprayer

Gorilla Carts

Basics of How to Care for Your Plants

Thanks to our science classes in elementary school, we can easily recite the essentials for plant survival: sunlight, water, air and nutrients. Since air is all around us, we will look at how we can, through simple ways, ensure our plants are properly cared for in the other remaining three respects.

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