Brown patches in zoysia grass

Brown Patches in Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass Maintenance

There are usually two major reasons why brown patches in zoysia grass lawns are appearing in your lawn. Even though it is a very low maintenance grass and you have done some watering and fertilizing the brown spots are starting to appear. So what is happening?

You are more than likely making two key mistakes with your lawn.

First, you are probably watering your zoysa grass too much. Remember that this is a low maintenance grass that grows best with very little water. One of the big advantages of this grass is the fact that you can save on watering costs. So reduce your watering immediately.

The second reason why you might be getting brown patches is that you are over fertilizing your lawn. This grass takes very little work on your part and by over fertilizing and watering you are damaging the healthy growth.

The third reason you may be getting the brown patches in your zoysia grass is that you might be mowing your lawn too frequently and cutting it too short. Instead of mowing, relax and enjoy the day. It does take some time to get use to not having to work on your yard so much.

Amazoy Zoysia Grass ReviewAmazoy Zoysia Grass Review

These small little dead patches can spead and grow to become over 2 feet in diameter which is something that you want to avoid all together. In order to control or eliminate the brown spot, keep your watering to a minimum in the spring time and fertilize very little in the summer.

There is a funguside that you can purchase to get rid of the dead grass sooner, but you must follow the instructions carefully with respect to the amount and timing of the application.

Zoysia grass is a drought tolerant grass and is perfect for the rocky, sandy, salty soils of the warm south. The benefit if it is that you have very little work to do. So here is what you need to do. Stop mowing your lawn so often (usually half of what you have been doing in the past), cut way back on the watering, fertilize very little in the summer and don’t cut your zoysa grass lawn too short. In summary, relax and don’t work so much on your lawn!

Pretty soon you will find that you have a lush, dark green lawn most of the year and in the winter time your lawn can turn a copper color with the cooler weather but once the spring comes your zoysia grass lawn will be beautiful again.