Can Zoysia Be Used For A Putting Surface on Home Lawns

Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50% we are excited to inform you that efforts are currently being made to bring a home putting Surface with Zoysia Grass to your home. This Super dwarf Zoysia is amazing and you should check out this video and others on our channel to learn more about Zoysia.


Hey guys, Zoysia Sod out here on a road trip. We are in Poteet, Texas getting ready to go see Bladerunner Farm. It’s going to be awesome. What we’re doing out here today, we’re expanding the fields out here, so they’re actually sprigging right now, so they’re pulling up parts of the grass and then they’re going to actually re-sprig it, and you’ve got a tractor up there that’s kind of rolling it, making sure it’s got some contact. This is how it’s done. You start with the small bit of area, in fact, these were started with just a few trays of grass, they got bigger and bigger and now they’ve got this whole field over here, and that’s how it’s done, man. They just keep expanding their fields until harvest time.
Anyway, so that’s how it’s done. If you want to take a closer look at this grass, just look through some of the photos on this blog post. Go to our blog over at Read a little bit more about our types of Zoysia grasses. I’m a nut for Zoysia grasses, I know you are too, you’re here to look at it. Zion, Primo, and Palisades, there’s some Jammer out there. There’s a lot of awesome grasses, so don’t just say, “I want Zoysia grass.” You guys, do your research and figure out which type of Zoysia grass is better for your property, or if you want a shortcut, you could just ask us to come out to your property and do a property evaluation and make a good recommendation for you.
Adios, you guys. Always like and subscribe and comment below if you want us to take some other videos, or if you have some questions about Zoysia grasses, put those comments in the section below and we will answer those right away.

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