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Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50%

Call 281-431-7441 and visit In this video, Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers a question about the cost of Zoysia grass in the Houston area. Michael was raised in the grass business and Houston Grass South delivers top quality sod grown on his family farm in Bay City TX.

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What Are Your Options When It Comes To Mounting Outdoor LED Lights?

Outdoor LED lights are useful additions to any home, office or building. Not only does outdoor lighting significantly improve the aesthetic of your home at night, but they also help function as a safety mechanism by illuminating the nearby surroundings and making it easier to spot anyone skulking about.

Simple Strategies For Enhancing The Overall Value And Usability Of Your Outdoor Space

People also have to choose which features they want to incorporate into these areas based upon their lifestyles, hobbies and interests. This should work seamlessly with the chosen turf.

Protect Your Wooden Fence Like The Pros

A great-looking wood fence will add not only striking curb appeal, but it can, also, provide a good amount of equity – thousand’s of dollars worth – to one’s property, immediately! Minimizing the effects that moisture, sun, microorganisms and fungi can have on your wood fence isn’t difficult, but needs to be included in your regular maintenance schedule.

Hardscape Ideas for Your Small Backyard

For those that are not sure what hardscape is, it includes the heavier elements in designing your backyard like your patio, driveway, rocks, stones, stone benches, arbors, etc. It can also include installing sprinkler systems and installation of swimming pools and fountains.

Five Things to Know About Synthetic Grass

Are you considering synthetic grass for your home or business? Learn more about the artificial turf to see if it is right for you.

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