Cut short or unmown, this grass can do it all! | Sir Grange Zoysia with Charlie Albone

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The Sir Grange Zoysia in this video has never been mown after being installed approximately 6 months ago. It provides tremendous contrast to the shorter grass, also Sir Grange, that has been cut at what you would consider a normal backyard height.

 The unmown look is perfect for difficult to maintain areas, such as raised areas which require the carrying of equipment up steps, and very steep slopes around the landscape.

 Even after several years unmown, Sir Grange will not get higher than about 30cm, and will not grow an ugly seed head or get out of control at different lengths. What you will get is a beautiful native looking grass that has high shade and drought tolerance and won’t be invaded by weeds. All of this on an area you won’t have to mow!

 Another fantastic option is mowing Sir Grange at a normal height for your yard, and then leaving it unmown around the edges or around trees, creating a fantastic natural border.

 Unmown Sir Grange is great for the environment as it saves on emissions with less mowing, requires far less fertiliser and you won’t have to water it near as much. All of this combined with an aesthetically pleasing surface.

For more information about Sir Grange Zoysia visit the Lawn Solutions Australia website here –

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