Does Zoysia Grass Stay Green in the Winter?

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Does zoysia stay green all winter? Many people wish to have a green lawn all winter long. Some achieve this by over seeding Bermuda grass with a perennial rye seed. Rye does stay green all winter long while most other grasses turn yellow and dormant.

Zoysia grass will eventually go dormant but tends to stay green well into the Winter because it is not affected by the cold as quickly as Bermuda.

Bermuda goes dormant around October 15th.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor

With a beautiful garden or lawn, you can transform your ordinary house into a great-looking one. As a matter of fact, quality landscaping may raise the value of your house significantly. You can enjoy endless benefits with a beautiful landscape, but how can you make sure you will get a beautiful landscape? For this, you have to choose the right landscape contractor. Given below are 5 tips to opt for the best contractor.

Knowing The Right Time For Mowing Your Lawn

One of the most important tasks that homeowners must know about is lawn mowing. If you think that lawn mowing can be done any time that your busy schedule permits, then your effort may just be about 10% effective. There are only four hours in a day in which this task can be suitably done to truly benefit your lawn.

Professional Commercial And Residential Landscaping Services

Using professional commercial or residential landscaping services is definitely the right way to go. There are so many benefits as to why this is. The following information will convince you as well that this is the way to go.

Composite Decks Are A Great Choice

Choosing the right building material to use to make your deck, can be a big decision. There are many alternatives. Wood decks are very popular and equally as attractive. The problem is that they are also a lot of work to keep up. Yearly maintenance is necessary to stain and seal the deck to ensure it remains both attractive and undamaged.

6 Advantages of Xeriscape Landscape Design

Xeriscaping is the perfect choice for those looking for an easy to maintain landscaping design. It can created for virtually any climate which makes it popular all around the globe.

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