El Toro Zoysia 2020 Spring Time Update

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El Toro Zoysia in the spring 3/18/2020

The Top Reasons Why Palm Removal Needs To Be Done

If you have a coconut palm tree in your property, you can have a supply of coconuts that not only provide delicious juice and meat but can be used for a variety of exotic Asian dishes. It truly is a useful tree, but why would anyone want to remove it?

Attractive Decking – Is Timber Fit For Purpose?

Few landscape architects and developers pass up the opportunity to enhance the ambiance of their projects by including some well-placed attractive decking. Is timber a good choice for that?

How to Make a Simple Water Feature?

A water feature is among the most eye-catching improvements one can make to their lawn. It can be one or more items ranging from streams, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, cascades to pools. These garden improvements have been in existence since time immemorial.

Hemlock Trees in Landscaping and Gardens

Hemlock is the common name of the Tsuga, a member of the pine family and conifer genus. When the tree’s leaves are crushed, they smell like the poison hemlock plant (the plant that killed Socrates). However, unlike the plant, the hemlock tree is not poisonous.

Causes Of Unhealthy Trees

There are many factors that can impact a tree’s health, including the environment, stress, improper maintenance and care, pests, injury and disease. In the beginning stages of a decline, it may not be obvious that the tree is in poor health.

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