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The History of Lawn Mowers

Have you ever wondered where lawn mowers come from? Well here is a comprehensive guide to the history of Lawn Mowers, starting with the invention of the first reel lawn mower, all the way up to the mainstream popularity of gas powered lawn mowers.

8 Reasons to Have a Lawn Irrigation System for Your Yard

Having a gorgeous, green lawn is a Must Have for many homeowners. But these can take a great deal of time. Learn how having an irrigation system can make accomplishing this goal easier.

Tips on Landscaping With Trees

Trees are often an important part of a landscape design. Special, unusual trees used in landscaping are often referred to as ornamental trees. They are planted to enhance the appearance of the design.

Stylish Elegance of Brick Retaining Walls

Ask about the most basic component for building any structure, and chances are, there will be a universal answer: bricks. Bricks, hard blocks made from clay, are proven materials in house and building constructions. Hence, there is no reason to doubt their efficiency and beauty when it comes to retaining walls.

2015 Summer Outdoor Furniture Trends

There are some intriguing style trends emerging for the home, and this includes the outdoor spaces of the property, such as the yard, garden, patio, and porch. Outdoor furniture has extended far beyond the mismatched, disposable chairs and chaises of years gone by, and new, inventive furnishings are taking it’s place.

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