How to plant zoysia grass plugs

How Do You Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysia Grass

We went directly to Zoysia Farms to find out the answer to this common question….” How do you plant zoysia plugs?”

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Dampen the sheets before cutting. Cut the sheets into one-inch squares using sharp floral or garden shears (something with a spring is best). The easiest way to do this is to first cut the sheet into one-inch strips and then cut the strips into one-inch squares. DO NOT TEAR SHEETS APART.

Make sure the area you are planting in gets at least 2-3 hours of direct sunlight. Clear 2-3 inches around where you are going to plant each plug if possible. This will encourage zoysia to spread.

If you are planting in an existing lawn, mow your lawn as low as possible. If the area where you are planting is dry, water down the area. This will make hole preparation easier.

Using step on plugger, auger or small garden trowel, dig holes for what ever spacing you have decided on (4, 6 or 12 inches apart). The closer the plugs are planted, the quicker they will fill in. The holes you dig should be slightly deeper and wider than the one-inch plugs. Stagger your rows when planting as shown in this diagram.

Zoysia grass plug planting

Fill each hole with water unless the soil is already wet. Use some of the loose soil taken from the holes to partly re-fill them. Put the roots of the plug in the hole.The plugs will sit a little higher than the surrounding soil line. Use part of the loose dirt to fill in around the sides of the plug to bury the roots only. DO NOT cover the entire plug with dirt.

Step on each plug firmly. You will not harm the plugs. It is important you make sure the roots contact the loose soil. Avoid air space between roots and soil. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

The newly planted plugs should be watered daily for 15 minutes for the first three weeks only using a gentle mist not a heavy stream of water. Watering is not necessary if you had rain that day. Amazoy zoysia is a drought tolerant grass so daily watering is not needed after the initial three-week period.

Zoysia plugs should not be mowed for at least 30 days after planting.

If it is necessary to mow prior to 30 days, please set the mower at the highest possible setting so as to not disturb the plugs.

If you decide to fertilize your new plugs only use our Nutri-20 fertilizer during the first 45 days after planting. Nutri-20 is specially formulated for Amazoy zoysia grass and can be used on newly planted plugs as often as every 2 weeks for the first growing season.

Please do not use any type of weed control for at least 45 days after planting your Amazoy zoysia grass plugs.

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