How many grass plugs do I need

How Many Grass Plugs Do I Need?

Zoysia Grass Zoysia Grass Plugs

When trying to figure out how many grass plugs you need for your yard, you have a couple of options: Super Plugs and Freestyle Plugs.

Super Plugs are larger plugs to quickly get your lawn covered, while the freestyle plugs are the traditional sized zoysia plugs.

We went right to the source to find out what you really need (the official farm)

Super Zoysia Grass PlugsHow many zoysia grass plus do I need

Approximately 3 inches by 3 inches, the new Amazoy Super Plug is still the superior Meyer Z-52 Zoysia originally issued by the US Department of Agriculture, only bigger.

Ready to plant, the larger size will eliminate the need for separation into smaller plugs while giving all the same benefits of the traditional one inch plugs. They will arrive at your home as individual plugs in trays of 15 plugs.

Simply plant each Super Plug into a shallow 1½ inch deep hole, approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. To make the holes, use a standard garden trowel, shovel or our Amazoy Power Auger to make a hole no smaller than 3×3 inches. Put the Super Plug in a hole, step on the plug to make good soil contact and lightly water daily for 3 weeks and you are done.

How Super Zoysia Plugs Many?

The Super Plugs can be planted 6 to 24 inches apart. The Zoysia will spread to fill in the area between plugs. One tray of 15 plugs will cover approximately 60 square feet of area planted 24 inches apart. The closer they are planted the more quickly they will fill in the area between plugs to form a complete lawn

How many Freestyle plugs do I need to order?

How to plant zoysia plugsWe suggest you plant a minimum of one 1″ plug per square foot. Multiply the length times the width of the area to be planted to find the total square footage.

You may reduce the time it takes for the zoysia to fill in by planting the 1″ square plugs closer together. You can also cut the plugs larger for faster fill in. Planting the plugs every 6″ requires 2 plugs per square foot of desired coverage. (Multiply your square footage by 2.)

Want some help figuring how many plugs you need? Find out with our convenient Plug Calculator.

Every Plug Guaranteed to Grow in Your Soil

Any Plug failing to grow and send up new green grass shoots within 45 days will be replaced free. Your order is backed by 6 decades of experience growing Amazoy Zoysia and helping homeowners grow beautiful Zoysia lawns