How to grow Zoysia ‘No mow grass’ | Zoysia tenuifolia | What to use me for?

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This is the grass that every person loves – it is the NO MOW GRASS – perfect! Create beautiful mounds of soft, lush green, finely textured grass. Ideal for in-between pavers, rocks. The ideal ground cover that will make you just wanna touch. These guys also look super smart in planters out by the deck, showing off forms of beautiful low-growing carpet-like foliage.

What to use me for: Ideal for in-between pavers, rocks and the ideal ground cover

I grow to: 10-20cm Low growing

Where to place me: Full Sun or Part Shade. Can tolerate drought once established and will handle light frost.

How far to space me: 10-20cm between plants (5 to 20 per square metre will give you nice coverage)

Soil Conditions: Free draining, rich in organic matter. Fertilise in Spring. Medium water use. I’ll grow well in sandy soils.

My features: Low maintenance, forms soft green mounds – touch me

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