How to Thatch and Cut Your Yard Before Throwing New Zoysia Seed!

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I had to prepare my yard for my new Zoysia Grass seeds!!

This was not an easy job at all however it not a hard job to complete. It’s cost effective and rewarding to see your yard go from terrible weeds to deep green grass!! If you have any tips on how to have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood please let me know. (that’s my goal even though my neighbors don’t know. lol. As always, we love you and appreciate your help in making us all better.

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Little Known Facts About Horticultural Societies And Why They Matter

Horticultural Societies are important community organizations that work hard in our communities. Membership offers many benefits; from socializing, participating in or enjoying shows, discounts, hands-on experience and gaining knowledge from guest speakers.

Impatiens, Gone For Good?

Impatiens, a popular shade, annual are being affected by Downy Mildew which is currently wiping out this annual and even causing growers to stop growing them. Is it the end of an era for Impatiens?

Tree Trimming Cost?

Tree Trimming Estimate Cost? The tree is close to the house, power lines, next to a building, affecting your pool site, location of the tree, accessibility, tree condition, and the time has elapsed since last trimming, emergency tree trimming and many others. All these factors will make your estimated cost for tree trimming to have different prices.

Landscaping Supplies for Outside Projects

Gather a comprehensive list of landscaping supplies to beautify a yard. The right tools and materials will help you get the job done.

Landscaping Companies Provide Much More Than Mowing

Did you know that high quality landscaping professionals offer a wide range of services? From irrigation systems to pathways to retaining walls, they can do a lot more than just cut grass.

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