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Things to Know About Fence Installation

There are important considerations in setting up fencing structures on all sides of your property. Fences are built to ensure protection for homeowners. This wall can also serve as additional ornamentation to bump up the appearance of your front yard.

The Effect of Climate Change on Trees

Marvelous to behold and quite effective in helping to mitigate the level of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, trees are some of the planet’s best protection against the disastrous effects of climate change. However, when they suffer from the stress brought on by extreme weather changes, the fate of the world and its six billion inhabitants hang precariously in the balance.

Problems With Artificial Grass

AstroTurf was first patented in 1967 under the name “ChemGrass”, and later re-branded as AstroTurf after its iconic use at the Houston Astrodome stadium. Since then, artificial turf has seen widespread use in all kinds of sports fields and stadiums. Lately however, artificial turf is becoming increasingly touted as a substitution for real grass in front yards and parks and it’s easy to see why. After all, it’s low-to-no maintenance and green all year round. Sounds perfect, right? Well not so fast, because there are a few things you should know before committing to artificial turf that might change your mind.

Little Boy Injured by a Fallen Tree Recovers

Accidents happen every day, and terrible tragedies follow as a result. However, there are some accidents that could have been prevented, as in the case of five-year old Tristen Wilson who suffered extensive injuries after a tree fell on him.

Bamboo Sticks History And Use In Various Countries

Bamboo sticks are used to manufacture incense sticks. These sticks are used for various ceremonies in temples and other places to create a purifying atmosphere in the premises. It is also used in yoga centers and spas to create a calming and rejuvenating effect.

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