Our sod install underway in Allen, Tx

Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50%

We use a 50/50 Compost mixed soil under our new Zoysia Lawns to make sure the new sod is nourished and level.

Our sod cutter is a Classen SC-18 that does the work of about 6 men.

We use a 14ft dump trailer to help deliver and haul off material.

We install zoysia grass in most of the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Get your quote on our website zoysiasod.com 214-317-8301

Patio Gazebo Plans – Uncover Useful Techniques To Make A Summerhouse

Patios are one of the most beautiful areas of any house and you can make it even more beautiful by building a gazebo on it using some simple patio gazebo plans. Forming a gazebo on a patio is quite easy and very much similar to forming a gazebo on normal land. You just need to be careful about the pavement of the patio so that it doesn’t get damaged while building your pagoda. Let us see how to make a simple octagonal gazebo on a patio.

Square Gazebo Plans – Make Your Patio Lovely With a Summerhouse

A timber gazebo is usually octagonal in shape but you can also make and purchase square gazebo plans. It is not only easier to build a square gazebo compared to an octagonal one, but it is also less time-consuming and requires lesser money. It can be used for holding parties, keeping gardening tools, bird watching etc. It also protects you against the forces of nature. Making this structure is easy and so is making a plan for it. Let’s see how to make it.

Proper Pruning Will Increase Your Fruit Tree’s Production

If you are serious about ensuring healthy and happy fruit trees for your lawn or orchard, then you should certainly consider trimming them regularly. Here are some useful tips that you can follow that will help you with keeping your fruit trees in top shape. The Golden Ratio An important term to understand when it comes to trimming your fruit trees is the Golden Ratio.

Things To Consider When Selecting Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be an excellent addition to any property. It is an effective means of not only allowing you to navigate through your yard at night, but it can also help bring the focus to a particular area if that is your goal. There are many options available for landscape lighting and while you can always have a professional assist you in choosing the right one, it is a good idea to have some general idea of what you are looking for.

Three Reasons To Add A Retaining Wall To Your Property

Retaining walls can be an excellent addition to any property but it is true that they work better in some areas when compared to others. They can help prevent moisture from traveling, prevent soil erosion and serve a variety of other purposes. When installing one of these, you should always hire a professional both for the planning stages and to complete the installation as it can be difficult to install a sturdy one that will stand up to all conditions.

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