Peak Sodding – North Carolina – Compadre Zoysia – Second Failed Install 06-30-20

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Failed two hour install of a Compadre Zoysia by Peak Sodding in North Carolina – only scalping the previous grass down to the clay. No other prep was conducted including but not limited to: top soil, tilling, starter fertilizer, rolling, watering. They acted surprised when sections started to fail. This was to fix the previous sod job where they tossed the sod on top of parts of the existing lawn making it un-mowable and recommended dirt ramps instead of fixing the job. Ended up costing $1510 so far, 8 hours of my own labor to fix dead slabs which I had to source directly from a sod farm an hour away. We have attempted four times to be reasonable and get Peak Sodding to do quality work. Instead we are told things like, they put a 1/2 inch of new top soil down on this install. Where is it? It looks like all of the good dirt just left in the back of a pick up and all that is left is clay.

First Failed Attempt (6/25/20) :

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