Planting Amazoy Zoysia Grass Plugs

Give a Magical Kiss to Your House With Quality Landscaping Services

Landscaping services include much more than hedge cutting and grass trimming; there are some technical aspects to it as well. Only a trained landscaping professional has the skills and efficiency to meet your expectation.

What Fence Should I Get?

Choosing a fence can be difficult. You will have it a long time and you want to make sure that you get the perfect one. Here is some information on different things to look for when shopping for a fence.

Types Of Outdoor Shades And Their Various Uses

Outdoor shades are very efficient when it comes to keeping the house cool and making it look stylish. But before you buy one, it’s better to know about the different types of outdoor shades available in the market. And not only that, you need to know about their various uses too. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Basalt Fountains

For a person that is looking to make a dramatic change to their landscaping, the use of basalt fountains are a great addition that will get quite a number of conversations started. People will ask you time and time again where you got your new fountain. Before we can talk about this type of fountain, we must first understand the material that these are made from and what it is about them that makes them such a popular addition to any landscaping idea or concept. Many people will be shocked to learn just where basalt fountains come from and how was it formed.

Designing Private Roof Terraces in Central London

My first ever garden design commission was a roof terrace overlooking Hyde Park in the autumn of 2001; since then I created over 150 of them. Working on roof terraces brings endless fun – a thrill that never ceases to amaze me – be it the hustle and bustle of Covent garden; the breathtaking heights of the Barbican Towers; or the wide open sky of a Wandsworth Common low-rise terrace. As the city skyline gets ever more crowded with new skyscrapers, new apartment developments and new monuments, the views become more complex and more challenging. Yet the wind, the sun, the shade, the pollution and the lack of privacy always remain the overriding factors to resolve! Here’s to the next 150 terraces!

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