Repair bare spots in Zoysia, Bermuda and Centipede with a Proplugger

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How to repair any bare spots and trouble areas of zoysia, bermuda and centipede with a Proplugger 5 in 1 tool!

Simply plug out a hole and place a good plug in it. Step down on it and water it in, it’s that simple! Every homeowner with a warmseason lawn should have one of these tools.

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Easy Methods To Level Uneven Lawns

Uneven lawns are another of the minor problems that can occur with lawns over time, or if the lawn wasn’t properly installed. Whether the lawn be raised in areas, or bumpy, or have other indentations which need repairing, the process to level uneven lawns is a rather simple one. This article covers the different ways to easily repair uneven lawns.

Easy Treatment and Control of Moss In Lawns

The appearance of unwanted moss growing in lawn areas is not only a lawn problem that needs treatment, but is also a telltale sign of underlying problems which when treated, will not only deter further moss growth, but will also greatly aid in better overall lawn health. A few simple lawn care practices and rectifications can treat moss in lawns, as well as improve the lawn itself.

Why Aeration Is Important In Achieving A Healthy Lawn

Compacted soil can retard the plants’ ability to use nutrients. Nutrients might be present in the root zone; however, the plant can’t use it in saturated or compacted soil or in soil with low biological activity. Hence, aeration is very important.

Choosing a Lawn Care Company to Improve and Maintain Your Lawn That’s Right for You

Considering using a Lawn Care Service? Or using a service and think you’re not receiving the results and service you were expecting?

Lawn Care Experts Cite The Benefits Of Overseeding

There are numerous services that can help make lawns more appealing such as overseeding. Apart from making lawns beautiful, overseeding can also provide other benefits for you and your property.

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