How many grass plugs do I need

How Many Grass Plugs Do I Need?

When trying to figure out how many grass plugs you need for your yard, you have a couple of options: Super Plugs and Freestyle Plugs. Super Plugs are larger plugs to quickly get your lawn covered, while the freestyle plugs are the traditional sized zoysia plugs. We went right to the source to find out […]

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How to plant zoysia grass plugs

How Do You Plant Zoysia Grass Plugs

We went directly to Zoysia Farms to find out the answer to this common question….” How do you plant zoysia plugs?” (Here is the link to their official site) Dampen the sheets before cutting. Cut the sheets into one-inch squares using sharp floral or garden shears (something with a spring is best). The easiest way […]

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