What Type of Zoysia Grass Is Best

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http://ZoysiaSod.com – This is what gets me excited, this crazy awesome Zoysia Grass. So Brokers Quality Turf Grass is where I buy a ton of my grass. If you buy a, you know, need a square or two or one pallet, and you’re doing it yourself, this is where you’ll want to come as well. But they’re crazy about Zoysia Grasses too. And there’s a lot of different types and varieties of Zoysia Grasses. My favorite is the Zeon and the Palisade Zoysia. But checkout all the types of Zoysia they’re carrying over here. We’re just going to go down the line, okay?
So, this is called El Toro, it’s a medium blade grass. If you get a close up look over here, you can tell that it’s a medium blade grass, as opposed to right here, is some called L1F. This is the like a dwarf fine blade. Stinking beautiful. I know there’s a couple of weeds in here, but if you just look at how short this stuff is. This is some sick looking, awesome fine blade dwarf grass.
Next, we have Crowne Zoysia. Crowne Zoysia is another medium blade grass. And you can see Palisades, this is what we usually buy. So Crowne and Palisades, you can’t even tell the difference. I’ll have to look at the specifics on the specs of why, you know, the two different grasses. But Palisades is by far our number two seller, next to Zeon. And Zeon’s right here. So, this is a fine blade grass that we sell the most of.
So, you see this Zeon. Let’s go back and compare this Zeon to the L1F over here. L1F, that’s a different name, I wonder if that’s the same as Trinity Zoysia Grass. So take a close up look at this grass right here. Okay, this is our number one seller, Zeon Zoysia. And we … A lot of people cut this stinking short. It’s beautiful grass. Come over here again and look at this L1F. A real close up look at my hand down here and see that? It’s a fine blade, but it’s really dwarfy. I’m going to have to talk to these people about this. And see if this is like closer to that golf course, green looking stuff. I’ve got to check thi … I got to learn more about that grass. And then …
So then, you’ve got Emerald Grass right here. So, Emerald Grass kind of looks like the Zeon Grass. We used to install a lot of Emerald Grass, but we noticed that when you put a little fertilizer down, this stuff thatches up a lot. And it looks beautiful. But for just the purposes of that thatch, we quit installing it. Because when you got a lawn that’s heavy in thatch, it’s really hard to mow. So, we stay away from that.
Now, another awesome grass is the Cavalier Zoysia, over here. So, we’ve installed quite a few lawns of Cavalier. But if I had to pick between Cavalier and Zeon, I’m always going to go with Zeon. So, this is … You probably won’t be able to tell the difference. In fact, I can’t even tell the difference. If I’m looking at a Cavalier lawn and a Zeon lawn, they look pretty much the same. The color is a little bit darker on the Zeon, but the thing is, it’s a little bit heartier too. So, I’m going to go with Zeon every single time, even though Cavalier looks freaking stinking beautiful. Zeon just has a tiny bit more advantage over that Cavalier, from what I’ve seen.
And then you’ve got Empire, which I’ve never installed. I don’t know anything about. This patch is just riddled full of weeds, but don’t, don’t take that into consideration too much. This is just a little sample patch they have up here. But, it’s been abused up here. This is not, not something that is taken care of like your home lawn would be. But yeah, it’s a nice, awesome … It looks like a very short growing medium blade grass.
So, lots of stuff to learn about. Maybe if we go to blade runner farms, they’re going to have some more sample bedding areas like this. And we can see some more stuff. So, right now, I’m most curious about this L1F. So, that’s a sick looking Zoysia. I don’t know what the growth characteristics are as far as shade, drought tolerance, and you know, just density and stuff like that. Ease of maintenance. I’m gonna learn a lot more about that and teach you guys about that when I find ou

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