Zoysia and St. Augustine sod comparison

Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50%

Zoysia and St.Augustine comparison. Zoysia is hands down the BEST lawn. Doesn’t have insect and disease problems like St. Aug and a low maintenance lawn.

By Clean Cut Landscape

Professional Landscaping Tips to Make Your Yard the Envy of the Neighborhood

Landscaping can be intimidating to anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb. Your yard will become the envy of your neighborhood with these easy, professional tips.

Come Rain, Come Shine: My Love Affair With an Industrial Tent

Industrial tents are easily overlooked as a solution to many outdoor landscaping and event planning problems. This personal testimonial demonstrates how even the greatest skeptic can come to appreciate the utility of these structures.

When To Hire a Landscaping Company

The right landscaping company can help bring your perfect lawn to life. Bring in the professionals for some of the major outdoor work.

4 Ideal Fencing Tips for Your Garden

While some people install fencing for their gardens as an afterthought, some others do a lot of homework before selecting the right ones that meet their desired objectives. Some garden fences can enhance the aesthetic look of your outdoor space, while some others can be used to prevent your pets from running away, or blocking chilly winds, or to ensure your privacy. If you are thinking about installing a garden fence, these 4 tips will help you choose the ideal one: · The objective of fencing: Be clear about why you want a garden fence to be installed…

Why Has Hard Landscaping Become So Popular?

In recent times hard landscaping has become more popular with even more people opting to use paving, decking and solid features when completing a new garden project. There are plenty of other ideas of what you can do with your garden in terms of hard landscaping inside this article.

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