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Still progressing. First real mowing.

Basic, Yet Effective Lawn Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

A lot of homeowners these days desire to have their own beautiful outdoor space at home. It can be a patio, a yard, a garden or a lawn. However, most homeowners opt for a lawn since it provides a lot of functionalities and purpose.

Positives and Negatives of Chain Link Fencing

The chain link fence is a cost-effective and popular solution for homes, manufacturing facilities, sports fields and parks. Over the years the appearance, quality and durability of this type of fence has seen significant improvements.

Cornus Borders for the Long Views

A recurring design problem is “what to do with the long views?” The question often arises when seeing a residential backyard for the first time. Most views from the patio and the rear windows fall upon a monotone of evergreens or fencing. I propose a clockwise sequence of blooming dogwoods to sparkle the long views.

Experts In Landscaping Share Practical Ways In Getting Rid Of Dead Plants On Your Lawn

Getting rid of dead, decaying, and unsightly plants is one way of maintaining the cleanliness and health of the grass on your lawn. Trees, shrubs, and other plants that are decomposing or already rotted because of some disease not only do nothing for the beauty of your outdoor space, but are unsafe and can also infect the other healthy plants in your lawn. There are different ways of disposing of diseased plant debris properly.

Easy Lawn Mowing And Gardening For All Type Of Properties

The weed control is also essential for the good garden. For weed control, you might be little confused. For weed control, you have to use manual scarifier.

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