Zoysia seeding 2 week update + an alternative to topsoil?

Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50%

In this video I give an update on my zoysia seeding project and talk about a product I am applying. Xsoil from carbon earth.
fertilizer website: carbonearth.co

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Design Your Landscape and Garden

Landscape and garden design are umbrella terms for a variety of disciplines that focus on the practical, aesthetic and horticultural aspects of an outdoor area of land, generally attached to a property. You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to design a garden, and you don’t need to a technical drawing expert to to plan your garden design.

Proper Lawn Care And Maintenance From The Professionals

When it comes to lawn care, even those who lovingly care for their yard can commit the most common errors. And so, it is only important that you know how to avoid such errors or mistakes to enjoy a luscious and healthy lawn. One of the key areas for common mistakes in lawn care, most experts point out, is in watering.

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There are many things involved in terms of caring for a lawn. All these things must be taken into consideration to make sure that you will achieve a lush, healthy lawn.

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Will Vertical Gardens turn out to be the food security ‘heroes’ of the future? Urban farming may sound trendy but we should not be putting it into the ‘too hard’ basket when there is a simple solution to harvesting fresh produce on our doorstep.

Choosing A Green Wall? Should It Be Soil Based Or Hydroponic?

Green walls add magic to our environment and enhance our well being BUT the pain to maintain them can squash the pleasure and sour the harvest if you choose the wrong system. Use this overview to help you to start off on the right foot!

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