Zoysiagrass | 2020 Fertility Plan

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Zoysia or Zoysiagrass is a warm season perennial grass that is well suited for the transition zone, South. We talk about fertilizer, pests, weeds and growing habits. This video includes my 2020 fertility plan and the products that I use from Carbon Earth Co and Greene Co Fertilizer. carbon X Pro, Xstart, Xsoil, Xgreen, RGS, Microgreene, Greene Effect, Humic12 and Air8.

there were some clips that didn’t record due to me using up all my storage, I didn’t realize it until editing. You missed what NPK and micronutrients are and how to calculate NPK. N his nitrogen and is the first.number of a fertilizer. The second number is phosphorus and the third is potassium. These numbers tell you tje percentage of what’s in the bag. ex. 24-0-4 has 24% nitrogen, a 50 lb bag has 12 lbs of nitrogen in the bag. I applied those 12 lbs over 20k ft² for .6 lbs of N per 1000 ft².
Iron, sulfur and magnesium help with chlorophyll production and therefore improve the green color of your lawn.

I also went over Carbon X Pro and Xsoil, both of which were missing clips that I couldn’t add to the video.

Purchase links:

Carbon X pro 24-0-4

Xstart 8-24-4

Xgreen 8-1-8


N-ext products:

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