Zenith Zoysia Grass Project 16 Month Status

Rattan Garden Furniture Tops The Competition

Shopping for outdoor furniture can be a confusing task. However when it comes to your outdoor space rattan garden furniture shines above the competition and for good reason. This versatile material has been becoming more and more popular around the world, read on and find out why.

Making A Lean To Shed – Facts You Must Know

Making a lean to shed is easier than building a separate garden or backyard shed. A lean to shed is perfect for those who don’t have a large garden or backyard but still require extra storage space. This kind of shed fits perfectly to your needs without taking much space, time and money. This is because you just have to attach three side walls to an already built foundation. You don’t have to be a professional to build this shed. Even an amateur can achieve great results by following some simple instructions and blueprints. Here are some easy steps to help you out.

A Sunroom For Outdoor Living – Much More Than You Thought

Quite a few homeowners like having a sunroom that can be used for breakfast or as a relaxing area. Going through your copy of the newspaper, along with morning coffee, becomes a genuine pleasure each morning. The sunroom can be designed to have electrical fittings, enabling homeowners to have a quiet time, view the outdoors or watch TV.

Garden Lighting Design

How to design a garden lighting scheme. Tips on how to light a garden. How to design garden lighting to create security and safety whilst also lighting the garden for dramatic nighttime interest.

Paling Fences: A Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Timber Fence

Lay out a fence by staking off the site and stretching a mason’s line between every stake. If you’ll build a fence that is over 30 feet long, put a stake on every 15 feet or so to make sure that the line remains straight. Remember to allot space for your gate. Most gates are around 42 feet in width. This opening allows smooth clearance for garden equipment such as lawnmowers.

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