Zoysia 19 Month Status – Winter Update

Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50%

How to Install Your Artificial Grass Lawn

Steps for Artificial Grass Installation – Step 1 – If you’re installing artificial grass carpet over a soil, to make the space for a new base, dig the soil up to 3 to 4 inches from the top and remove the existing grass and plants. To prevent slumping, allow rain soaked soil to dry before excavation. Compact the loose soil with the help of hand tamp or by walking over it.

How To Make Use Of Fake Grass

When it comes to gardening and lawn maintenance, most people really prefer the easiest and most practical way to do things. And this includes choosing fake grass or what most garden experts call, synthetic grass. This option is really very practical as there is no need for costly maintenance yet you still get nice results for your lawn.

Liquid Limestone Paving Is A Great Investment For Your Home

Are you looking for something that is cool underfoot in extreme heat? Liquid limestone paving gives you exactly what you need. Most indoor and outdoor flooring are done with concrete, natural stone or brick.

Why Choose Decorative Concrete Pavers For Your Pool?

Do you have a pool area and not sure what type of surface to put around it? If you have been thinking about decorative pool pavers then you need to read this article.

The Benefits Of Using Limestone Paving

Limestone paving is a beautiful and natural choice for your home. It can be used in a variety of applications, not just as flooring and will give your house a great finish. Read our article to find out the benefits of using limestone paving.

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