Zoysia Grass Plugs Do They Work?

The growers of zoysia grass plugs make big claims about their products, but it is true?

Is zoysia grass really low maintenance, slow growing, and require very little watering?  Can it really grow in shady areas or sandy areas?

Below are some of the common questions asked about zoysia grass along with the researched answers.

My Zoysia Q&A

Why all the Fuss about Zoysia-  Is it Really that Great?

Well yeah, it really does have great features.  Such as….

  1. Requires Less Watering – if you live in an area with restricted water usage or just want to reduce your water bill, you will be happy with this grass.  Once the zoysia has taken root (about three weeks after planting), then you need to water it very little.  This is because the root system goes quite deep and doesn’t dry out.
  2. Thrives in Difficult Soil Conditions – This grass will grow in salty conditions, sandy soil, or even clay conditions.
  3. Grows in Full Sun or in the Shade – This grass thrives in the heat and can take the full out sun.  In addition, this grass will grown in shady areas – not complete shade though.  It does require a few hours of sun light each day.
  4. Hot Climates – this grass grows well in the blistering heat and surprizingly, does not die in cold winters.  The grass goes dormant in the winter (turns brown), but once spring hits, the lush green color comes back.
  5. Way Less Maintenance – as mentioned earlier, it requires significantly less water.  There is also way less mowing to be done.  Because the grass spreads instead of growing up, there is less mowing (about once a month or less).

Which is Better – Zoysia Grass Plugs or Seeds?

So…if you are going to plant zoysia grass in your yard, which should you use – the plugs or the seeds.  Well, seeds are less expensive to buy, but are more work and riskier to take root.  With the seeds, you will need to prepare the ground carefully (clear ALL debris, add a good layer of new soil, etc).  The biggest challenge is if the seeds don’t germinate, you will need to wait a whole year before you can plant again.  If you want to use seeds, this is the best brand.  (but keep reading to check out the plugs)

Zoysia plugs on the other hand do cost a bit more, but they already have roots so germination is not a problem and you will not need to prepare the ground as these plugs will slowly grow to cover any debris, roots, etc.  You success rate is high and the work to plant the plugs is much less than going with seeds.  Most companies will guarantee their plugs too.  This is the best company that I have found.

What do Zoysia Plugs look like?

Zoysia grass resembles Kentucky bluegrass as far as texture and appearance. Each plug is a piece of Zoysia sod that measures 1″ square, totaling 4″ of perimeter area for maximum runner growth.

How are plugs shipped?

The plugs are shipped in 10″ x 15″ pieces of sod. Each piece of sod is a grid of 150 plugs, but to ensure maximum freshness and viability, the sod is not cut all the way through. Before planting, finish the separation with shears. Plugs are shipped the same day they are packed with a moisture-proof lining so the roots reach you fresh, vigorous and ready to grow.

How long will the plugs last before planting?

Zoysia plugs are living plants, therefore, we recommend planting them as soon as possible. If the plugs cannot be planted upon receipt, remove them from the cartons, placing blade side up in an area that receives some sunlight (not direct sun). Mist the plugs with water and keep them moist until planting. Plugs must be planted within 2 weeks of receipt.

Zoysia Grass Plugs – Available Here

Zoysia Grass Seed – Available Here

How Does Zoysia Grass Grow?

Zoysia slowly spreads across your yard.  It grows out instead of growing up and that is one of the main reasons why you will only need to mow your lawn a third as much as you have done in the past.  The “tentacles” of the roots spread to cover your lawn.

What is it going to Cost to Plant Zoysia – Are there Discounts out there?

Currently, there is a 50% discount offer available on zoysia grass plugs through this reputable grower – click here.